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The solid experience in the field of the naval field, matured in the long tradition of the shipbuilding of the Arsenale of Messina and the historical ropes production of the Plant of Castellammare di Stabia, and the high sectoriality of the services offered by the two production units, make the processes unique in their kind, customized according to the requests of different business partners.

defence industry agency

Demilitarization, production, integration of explosive products

The Baiano, Capua and Noceto Production Units operate different processes in the field of ammunition, which concern the demilitarization, production, construction and integration of explosive products in favor of national and international public and private bodies.

defence industry agency

digitization and dematerialization

The only centre of the Public Administration system able to offer a dematerialization service totally in compliance with the relevant rules, Gaeta’s Ce.de.Cu stands out as excellence in the digitalization of paper archives at the Italian and European level.

defence industry agency

Production, research and development in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector

The historic Military Pharmaceutical Chemical Plant of Florence, born in 1853, is active in meeting the demands dictated by national emergency needs, with a production line of orphan drugs, medical devices and food products, only Italian body authorised to produce medicinal cannabis.

defence industry agency


defence industry agency

who we are

The Defence Industries Agency (AID), a public law body supervised by the Minister of Defence, was established in 2001, to manage with industrial and commercial approach and to balance the Production Units entrusted to it with the reorganization of the technical-industrial area of the Ministry of Defence.

defence industry agency

Military Plant

Through the nine military plants under management, Defence Industries Agency operates in several sectors, including shipbuilding, production of ropes, ammunition and demilitarization, digitalization and dematerialization. Together with these activities there is the production, research and development in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector.

Defence Industry Agency

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