Defense Assets

A New Industrial Philosophy

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    Ex Maricorderia - Macchinario per filatura

To achieve the economic result and to add value to the Defense assets, AID has strengthened its entire organization. Infact, the management has set a new Business model in order to gather the industrial plants in five Business Unit:

Explosives and Ammunitions,

Naval Activities,

Land and Air vehicles,

Chemical Pharmaceutical Institute,


In line with the Competitiveness Plan, the new business model is implemented through the following steps:

-Performance of the industrial plants for local and international defense administration suppliers – for which the defense administration has an interest in acquisition of related products/services – with the sale of all or part of the credit accrued for the administration defense itself;

-Creation of extra-budget in favor of the Ministry of Defense by purchasing products and services to such providers;

-AID’s remuneration, in relation to the credit transferred, by selling second-hand military equipment.

The advantages resulting from the new model are to be found in expanding the volume of business through the optimization and exploitation of resources available in-house and made available to the italian armed forces from AID and, consequently, with availability for the latter of more resources to purchase new products and services.

The model is intended to leverage the strenghts of the entire organization, namely:

– Accountability and development of human resources through training programs, in accordance with the business;

– Improvement of industrial processes and expansion of existing products/services on national and international market;

– Improvement of customer satisfaction based on priority products and services and on refitting of obsolete vehicles or disposal;

– Close collaboration with stakeholders to create a competitive advantage in the Marketplace and to create value to the italian armed forces;

– Development of new products or services for exploiting the industrial potential benefit of AID and MoD;

– Improvement of the organization through a re-articulation of the activities in Business Unit and a new management structure.