Legal Terms

Legal terms

Exclusion of liability. The AID has set up this website to allow the public a greater access to information about its initiatives in business. The aim is to provide timely and accurate information. Should any errors being reported, the publisher will promptly correct them.

It must be remembered that you can not guarantee that a document available online exactly reproduces the officially adopted text. For the acts included in the Official Journal (Gazzetta Ufficiale) it is to be considered authentic only the text published in the same journal. The publisher is concerned to minimize disruption caused by technical problems. The AID assumes no responsibility for any problems that may arise due to the use of the site or any external sites linked to it.

Any unauthorized access, falsification, alteration or deletion in all or part of the content of the published information, or impediment or disturbance of the functioning of this site is strictly prohibited and the perpetrators will be prosecuted under the Criminal Code and the Law 23.12.1993 , n. 547 “Modifications and integrations according to the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code on the subject of cyber crime”.

Copyright and limitations on use

Unless otherwise specified, all materials contained on this site are protected by copyright and can only be used as stipulated in the terms and conditions or specific warnings on copyright, if applicable, or other proprietary notices provided with relevant materials. Information, documents and materials received through this site may be displayed, reformatted and printed for non-commercial purposes. Therefore, even partially it may not be copied, modified or resold for profit or to gain any benefit.

Users agree not to reproduce, retransmit, distribute, sell, disclose or disseminate information, documents and materials received through this website, without the written consent of AID.

It is strictly forbidden any use of trademarks and / or logos and / or names of AID or the text or graphic material contained in this web site to falsely represent the membership, sponsorship, affiliation or association of ‘user with the AID.

Links to Third Party Sites

The Web site contains the connecting links to other sites. The existence of such links does not imply that AID sponsors or is affiliated with the owners of the linked sites. AID disclaims any liability with regard to the link and the content of the sites linked to the Site and warns users that, those who decide to visit any linked site do so in total autonomy, then it is your responsibility to take all precautions against viruses or other elements destructive.

AID is in no way responsible for the content and services of other web sites which you may access through this site.

The institutional communications directed to AID must be sent to::

agenzia industrie difesa – Direzione Generale – Via XX Settembre, 123/a – 00187  Roma

Institutional E-mail:

Phone: 06 47354028-40

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